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SCG is a full service structural engineering firm based in Delaware. We provide structural design and consulting services to Architects, Structural Engineers and Contractors throughout the United States.

Our services include structural design and drafting for structures build using wide array of construction materials such as wood, concrete, and steel structures. We specialize in diverse residential structures, low-rise commercial developments and industrial projects.

We also provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) utilizing Autodesk Revit. Revit uses smart and object-based modeling that allows us to create accurately scaled, computer generated structural models of buildings with any type of building material including steel, cast-in-place concrete, pre-cast concrete, masonry, and wood. Structural systems including the building frame and foundations, as well as other structural assemblies are modeled in a relative scale and combined with the architectural and MEP models to facilitate collaboration between the design principles.

Our structural engineers are creative, efficient, and deliver precise structural analysis and design services to our clients. The firm combines cutting edge technology with seasoned experience to provide professional services unmatched in the industry.

We believe good engineering input can help to achieve elegant and cost and time effective solutions. To help our clients transform their projects from vision to reality, our designs deploy a complete technical and practical knowledge of engineering principles of how elements are put together in coherence.

Our business model is innovative, cost effective and responsive and we aim at ensuring that we meet the vision of each project.

SCG enjoys a great reputation for strong project coordination as well as our vast knowledge of building systems, offering our clients a fully integrated structural design that is efficient, economical and constructible.

We provide full-service engineering and design services that cover a variety of structures and systems, from building brand new facilities to renovating and rehabilitating those that already exist. We work closely with our clients and building a customized approach for every project we work on as we believe that each project has a unique solution to fit its individual parameters.

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Vision Statement

Building strong and long-lasting relationships through creative solutions, practical design and high quality service.

Our Success Stories

The flexibility, efficiency, and quality of work that always exceed our client’s expectations are the keys to our success. We strive to offer the best solutions for a competitive price, every time.